Robert F. Davis has been Conductor of The Cathedral Choir for fourteen years. While at the Aspen Music Festival, his conducting came under the critical analysis of Maestro John Nelson. His style reflects the clarity and precision of that school. Also, his study with conductors Richard Westenburg, Thomas Dunn, and Carl Bamberger provides him with a technique and understanding of musical form, greatly enhancing his musical performance, vocal technique, and musicological exposition. Mr. Davis specializes in the “Viennese classics” and in the major Baroque and 20th- century choral works.

Local appearances in New York as Conductor of The American Chamber Orchestra, have included leading artists: Joseph Robinson, Sarah Bullen, Philip Smith, and William Kuyper of the New York Philharmonic, the legendary organist, Robert Elmore of the Philadelphia Orchestra, late jazz great Dave Brubeck and concert vocal artist from the Metropolitan and New York Opera Companies, and those of the Broadway stage. He also was privileged to present the world premier of J.A.C. Redford’s St Elsewhere Suite for Orchestra. Concert tours have taken Mr. Davis to major concert halls in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.

He has served six churches as Conductor-in-Residence and conducted the 1,700 voice Ocean Grove (NJ) Choral Festival Choir for five years. He has also appeared as Music Director for Swing Picante, a jazz band performing salsa and traditional jazz. As recently as this month, at West Point, Mr. Davis conducted the debut appearance of the Brass Factory, a British style brass band. Mr. Davis has produced concerts for Naturally Seven, The Six-Thirty Band, bands of The Salvation Army and others. He has also promoted events for the modern Irish hymn writer Keith Getty.

Currently an educational consultant, columnist, and freelance musician, he is also Chairman and CEO of the Consortium for Educational Advancement, a think tank serving Christian education. Mr. Davis has held music professorships at three colleges, three preparatory schools and been a visiting lecturer at Fordham University.

A resident of Ringwood, New Jersey, Mr. Davis has been married to his wife Patricia for forty-nine years. They have two adult children Robert, II and Melissa, and six grandchildren ages ranging ten to 2